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Contaminant and Groundwater Modeling

Contaminant and Groundwater Modeling

Under multi-year agreements, Dresdner Robin monitors and reports on contaminant levels, trends and groundwater elevations at various publicly utilized roadside locations. Monitoring for these sites ranges from yearly to quarterly and includes a variety of reporting.

Through geospatial analysis, known contaminants and their concentrations from each sampling event are modeled. Contour lines are then developed to show the extent of contamination at each site. This contouring is then compared across reporting events to monitor trends in contamination over time. This is also corroborated by groundwater elevation modeling and contouring done to show the changes in groundwater levels, and how that impacts contaminant levels and any associated spread of contaminants. This work is completed using ArcGIS Pro mapping and modeling capabilities, as well as proprietary Python tools.

This work is critical in order to effectively monitor and contain harmful contaminants in the soil and groundwater; from heavy metals to PFAS and industrial pollutants.

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